How to Make an Impact through Crowdfunding

March 29, 2016

Crowdfunding is tough!  The idea is to find interested people to help fund your business during the initial design and manufacturing phases, and ideally boost that business to a point where it can sustain itself moving forward.  Campaign “backers” benefit by seeing a project that they believe in come to life, and they often receive additional benefits such as early access to the product.  However, many people don’t realize how difficult (and expensive!) it can be to launch and run a crowdfunding campaign: tasks like website development, professional video production, social media management, and online marketing all get added to the existing (and often full-time) job of product design, test, and manufacturing. 

As we are preparing for our own campaign for SPUD, we wanted to give a shout-out to some interesting and promising crowdfunding campaigns that have not yet reached their funding goals… and time is almost up!

iBlinds – by HAB Home Intelligence, LLC – $23,490 / $45,000 – ends 3/31/2016!

This DIY device allows you to open and close your blinds with your smartphone or tablet, or to automate opening and closing at certain times.  The device is battery powered and can be recharged through a USB connection, or you can purchase the add-on solar panel to keep the battery charged.  It’s a simple idea that would be so nice to have (as I sit here staring at all of the closed blinds in my house).

Virtuali-Tee – by Curiscope – $88,089 / $96,957 – ends 3/31/2016!

This team has created a t-shirt that comes to life, giving kids an interactive and fun way to learn about human anatomy.  All you need is the t-shirt and smartphone to start exploring in fully animated 3D.  It could also be used as a cool party trick…

Panoporter – by Misafes – $27,745 / $30,000 – ends 3/31/2016!

This small, 360 degree HD camera will let you record up to 2 weeks of footage remotely on a 64 GB microSD card, using groundbreaking single lens technology.  It’s definitely a cool product that will hopefully make high-quality 360 degree cameras more affordable for everyone!

MakerGirl Goes Mobile – by MakerGirl - $28,500 / $30,000 – ends 4/1/2016!

MakerGirl, a non-profit organization, has been hosting 3D printing sessions for young girls as a first step to encourage more leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  They want to take their sessions on the road and to reach young girls in areas that may not have many STEM-related activities available, and they need our help! 

Smart Mirror – by Joe Montano – $1,665 / $3,500 – ends 4/2/2016!

Because sometimes you just want to support the little guy!  Joe took the smart mirror idea and made it much more customizable, and he shows an impressive prototype.  It’s built on the Android OS, making it very accessible to developers.  The next big step will be to upgrade the hardware and create a consumer-ready version.  While he still has a lot on the to-do list, a little support will go a long way!

We wish the best of luck to all of these crowdfunding teams!


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