How to Make the World Your Home

February 02, 2016

Traveling can be difficult.  You’re always on the move, so you need to pack small and light.  However, you never quite feel at home using your laptop on that empty hotel room desk.  Good news: you can bring the functionality of your home workstation with you!  We’ve scoured the internet looking for the latest portable travel gadgets that get the job done, and will help you turn that lonely hotel room desk into a powerful workstation, just like home:

Keyboard: If you have a laptop computer, a great way to get the functionality of a full size keyboard while keeping things small is to add a portable numeric keypad.  The Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad is slim, light, and connects without the hassle of wires.  If you’re looking for an ultra-portable standard keyboard (say, for use with a smartphone), check out the Flyshark 2, from a fellow startup company.  It’s the smallest foldable keyboard that we’ve seen!

Mouse: Portable mice are nothing new, but we have yet to meet someone who prefers to use their laptop trackpad.  The team over at has done extensive testing on over 200 mice.  The winner—as the mouse with the most favored combination of size, shape, glide, button selection, and button placement—was the Logitech Marathon M705.

Speakers: No one wants to listen to your built-in mobile device speakers. CNET recently put together a list of their recommended Bluetooth speakers.  Not surprisingly, a few Bose speakers made the list, including the impressively small but effective Bose SoundLink Mini II.  You get big sound in a small package.

Printer: Ever heard of an ultra-small printer that can fit in your pocket?  Neither had we, until we came across the Mini Mobile Robotic Printerfrom ZUtA Labs, another startup.  Instead of putting the paper in the printer, you put the printer on the paper!  While you may not want to use it to print a 20-page document, the ability to quickly print out a page of notes could be pretty useful.

Scanner: There are lots portable scanners out there, but have come through for us again, this time with an in-depth review of the best portable scanners.  Their pick: the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner.

Monitor: Of course, the most important piece of this ultra-portable system is SPUD, the world’s first high resolution, 24-inch computer screen that collapses to the size of your first and weighs less than a pound.  Give yourself that big screen that pulls the whole system together.  Don’t forget to sign up so we can update you when we launch our Kickstarter campaign!

Bonus (since we love startups): Take it all with you in the recently released BlueSmart, the world’s first smart luggage.  Never ask yourself “why doesn’t my suitcase text me when I lose it?” again!


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