How to Take Your Tailgating to the Next Level

February 16, 2016

Most people know the basics of tailgating:  You need cold drinks, great food, and a bunch of friends.  But how do you do it in style?  We’ve collected a list of the latest in tailgating technology that will make YOUR tailgates really stand out above the rest. 

Food Tech:  The backbone of any good tailgate is the food.  Make sure your party has nothing but the best with these great cooking gadgets.

  • Pizzacraft Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven – Powered by a small propane tank, the Pizzacraft Pronto cooks 12-inch pizzas in only 5 minutes!  It can help you serve a small army of tailgaters in no time.
  • Weber Propane Grill – This super-portable grill gives you all the functionality of a standard grill, but it will fit in the trunk!  Cook all the classics on this little guy.
  • iGrill – Make sure those burgers are always cooked to perfection with a meat thermometer that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  Because you can!

Drink Tech:  The OTHER backbone of any good tailgate.  Anyone can throw some cans into a cooler… why not stand out?

  • EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator – Tired of cans?  Get that draft beer you want at a perfectly controlled temperature (holds one 5L mini keg).
  • Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler – Okay, this one is cool.  Is there any reason not to have a cooler that you summon to your side via remote control? 
  • Coolest Cooler – A Kickstarter project that has passed the test of time.  This cooler is packed with handy little tools to keep the party flowing smoothly.
  • Magnetic Koozies – No table?  No Problem!  Just stick your beer to the side of the car.

Live-Streaming Tech:  As you already know, the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display allows you to take your tailgate to the next level by streaming games straight from your smartphone to the big screen.  You don’t even have to worry about plugging anything in, since SPUD has more than enough battery power to last through the entire game!  Since the only hard part now is figuring out how to stream the game online, here’s a cheat sheet from Rick Stella’s article (check out his full list here):

Games:  Okay, it can’t ALL be high tech.  No technology can replace a good old-fashioned pigskin to throw around, and there are probably some low-tech games (MegaPongo anyone?) that could add some excitement to the party. 

No matter the group, this list will keep everyone at your party happy.  For me, I’m happy with just the game on the SPUD and a beer in my hand.  I’ll see you at the parking lot!


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