SPUD Manufacturing, MHL, and Schedule Update

April 03, 2017

Dear SPUD Kickstarter Family,

We are continually grateful for your support! Everyday we are getting closer to getting you your SPUD. We are going to continue to be as responsive and transparent as possible, and feel free to continue to message or comment if you have any feedback/questions.

Manufacturing Design Update (Feedback Requested!)

Our manufacturing team has suggested a different HDMI receiver than the one we originally designed. The suggested component does not support MHL, however it does support display scaling (which the original receiver did not). For those of you who are unfamiliar, MHL is a standard to output an Android phone’s display to HDMI. The standard has largely been depreciated and has not been implemented on a major phone released in the last 4 years (see list of mobile devices that support MHL). How important is MHL support important to you? Let us know here!

Schedule Update

We are still on target for an August 2017 release! Keep in mind that for a new product category with completely new components like SPUD, it is very difficult to have a deterministic schedule, so it might still be earlier or later than this. We will, of course, continue to update all of you as we get closer to release!

New Addition to the Team

We added a very experienced supply manager, Leonard Wong, to our team to help make sure the supply chain runs smoothly. Leonard has over 30 years of supply chain management experience beginning in the floppy disk industry, through single-use cameras, and, most recently, in LED lighting. He has extensive experience conducting business in China and Hong Kong. Leonard has been focused on SPUD’s soft goods (protective cover and shroud) since January, and his responsibilities will expand to managing the entire supply chain within the next 3 months.

I was on CNBC!

Check out my CNBC interview! I refuse to watch myself, but George and Justin assured me that it was okay to share :).

We are going to push to get you your SPUD as soon as possible, and we will continue to keep you updated. Don’t hesitate to share this campaign with anyone you think might be interested! We are grateful for all your help in bringing SPUD to life and are very excited to get you yours!


CEO, Arovia, Inc.