SPUD Update: Batch #3 Shipped!

July 25, 2019

Hello SPUD Supporters!

We just finished up shipping out the next 300 SPUDs, and we’ve already built up ~100 more for Batch #4. We’ll be shipping this #4 Batch out quickly due to the pending factory move. To date we have shipped out approximately 630 of the 2000 total.

Manufacturing Update

As we mentioned in our last update, our current manufacturer is already preparing for the move out of China, and Batch #4 will be the final SPUD batch they assemble. Moving forward we will be working with a new manufacturer to complete the remaining SPUDs. This transition will begin in early August, and we expect it will take less than three weeks to be back up and running at the new site. During this time we will focus on making sure we have as many lenses as possible from the optics factory, and as well as the logistics of setting up equipment and shipping inventory to the new manufacturer.

The view from Alex’s mobile office always changes. Overlooking Shenzhen was a good one.

When Will My SPUD Ship?

While we do not have final dates for when future batches will ship, we do know the general order in which the SPUDs will ship out based on when each pledge/pre-order was received. Your backer/order number does NOT represent spot in line, but you can use it to get an idea of where you stand with the remaining 1400 SPUDs with this table: Approximate SPUD Order

When we add you to a shipping batch, we will send you an email confirming your address one last time, and then once the unit ships, we will send you a followup email with the tracking info.

Demo Videos

Guided by the feedback we have received from our early users, we have made (and will continue to make) a few short instructional videos to help address some of the more common questions. See a couple of the latest below, and visit support.arovia.com for more!

Extend desktop and adjust SPUD resolution for best image quality:

Get the best focus with the focus wheel:

Thank you!
- Justin, George, Leonard, Alex


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