SPUD Update: Batch #4 Ready to Ship!

September 06, 2019

Hello SPUD Supporters!

After a hectic few weeks, we have completely moved out of our old manufacturing location, we are finalizing our setup at our new factory, and we have another batch ready to ship out. See details and pics below!

Batch #4 Status

The Batch #4 build is complete, and we expect to start shipping these units out next week. The batch size is 330 units, which will put us right around the 1000 units fulfilled mark, or 50% of the outstanding orders.

For the remaining shipments, the main lens bottleneck has not changed: the optics system, specifically the wide angle converter lens at the front, continues to prove difficult for our lens supplier to produce. We currently have 300 lenses in inventory, which means we need to make about 700 more to fulfill all orders. Our builds depend on how fast they can send us new lenses. That said, output lately has been a bit more than the 10 per day they were previously averaging (currently closer to 15 per day). We will continue to monitor the rates to determine if those better yields can be sustained.

The Factory Move

As we discussed in the last update, our main manufacturer decided to relocate to a country outside of China, due in large part to the new US Tariffs on Chinese goods. The move happened very quickly once the decision was made, and we had just weeks to finish the build that was in process, finalize our new manufacturer, and pack everything up for the move. We are currently in-process on the factory move. The main bottlenecks on the factory move include:

  • The logistics associated with moving factories in China: China very closely regulates all goods that are marked for export (like SPUD) because they give companies a Value Added Tax (VAT) rebate on export.
  • Getting final clearance from the new factory: The new factory is a large, publicly traded company with a lot of internal controls that will benefit us long-term but currently is a lot of bureaucracy. We are hoping the new factory’s internal regulation will clear within the next week, at which point, all of our fixtures and remaining inventory will be shipped to new factory and we will begin assembling the remaining SPUDs.

The new manufacturer has been making pico projector products for the last 10 years. They are one of the industry leaders in pico projector products and car accessories. We are very excited to start working with them!


George and Sean, our summer intern, correcting image position. Bonus: Leonard inspecting shrouds in the background!


Batch #4 palettes, ready to ship!


Disassembled assembly line at our old factory.


The SPUD cleaning step in production.


Box of lenses we needed to scrap because they didn't pass quality inspection.


One of Alex’s coffee shop setups.


Demo Video - Connecting Headphones

Want to connect headphones or external speakers to SPUD, but your source device doesn't have a headphone jack? An HDMI to HDMI + Audio converter might help, check out the video below:

Thank you!
- Justin, George, Leonard, Alex 


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