SPUD Update: Custom Optics and Shroud

December 14, 2017

Hi SPUD Supporters!

This week we have a brief update on the production status of SPUD, specifically focusing on progress with the optics and the shroud. In short, we are happy with our progress so far and are still on track to ship out the pilot units by the end of the month.

The Optics

Our lens manufacturer has improved quality by fixing an injection mold pressure valve. They have significantly improved the quality of the front lens, and the quality is definitely good enough for the test units. We are continuing to work with the manufacturer to further improve the quality and consistency of the lenses for your SPUD.

Projected screen image
Image taken from our optics test setup at the optics manufacturer, taken from above the lens which is why there is a keystone effect. Click to view hi res image.

We are hopeful that the current supplier will improve the quality so we can maintain schedule. Note that while we have not changed our target shipping date of Feb. 9th, there is still a risk of additional schedule delay due to the continued rework of the existing mold, or the creation of a new mold as necessary. We will continue to update all of you as we push toward a resolution.


Our lens supplier fine tuning the latest sample.

SPUD Innards!

The Shroud

We have validated the latest wrinkle resistant fabric, and its wrinkle resistance helps make the shroud significantly more manufacturable while maintaining a flat screen. The fabric does have a higher density/weight than the fabric we used for our prototypes, which slightly increases overall weight. For mass production, we will need to have an upgraded dye level (e.g. there is a risk that the pilot build fabric could dye the screen edges). We have finalized the sewing template given the characteristics of this new fabric, and we have begun manufacturing of the pilot shrouds.

Leonard and George making final fabric selections a few weeks ago.

George reviewing Quality Control requirements for Shroud Factory boss.

Other Components

We also have continued to stay on track with all other components. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the last 2 weeks:

George getting ready to deliver the screens to the shroud factory for pilot manufacturing.

George and protective cover factory boss from one of the world's largest manufacturers of belts and snap buttons, signing off on quality standards (and yes, those are Titanium covers on the table).

George and main optics production engineer reviewing lens surface profile measurements.

New shroud and screen material with minimal wrinkles after SPUD collapsed for a day.

George and Leonard working with template master.

Alex and George testing software with CM.

Alex’s favorite dumplings.

Alex at a shroud template factory.

Pilot Testing

We will be reaching out within next 2 weeks to customers in Austin and Houston area with pilot testing details. More info to come as we enter the Pilot phase!

Thank you all for your support!
-Leonard, Justin, George, and Alex



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