SPUD Update: Manufacturing Test

October 25, 2017

Hi SPUD Supporters!

We have been continuing to attack issues related to the shroud manufacturability. Leonard found low density, wrinkle mitigant fabric that we expect will alleviate many of the manufacturability issues, and we are waiting to receive the quantity necessary to complete our initial production run. We are hoping to have this shroud issue resolved soon!

Manufacturing Test

While we have been very focused on the shroud as the critical issue impacting the schedule, we have been working in parallel on a list of other items needed to set up production. For example, the manufacturing test system is an important part of the production process that ensures that every SPUD produced meets our specifications. We often get asked how we do our long-term reliability testing, so we got permission from our manufacturer to film one of our test stations in action:

Video Thumbnail.jpg

This specific test is part of a full suite of tests that help us quantify the overall durability of SPUD. Our current requirement is that SPUD must survive 10,000 full pop-up and collapse cycles (e.g. more than 9 years of 3 pop-ups a day). This test setup actually helped George significantly improve the arm durability!

We have also made some excellent progress working with our our projector supplier preparing the test procedures and improving the quality of SPUD’s projection system. While we can’t show any pics of the actual test setups due to our non-disclosure agreement with our projector supplier, we did get the OK to show George and Leonard in their clean room protective gear. They are working directly with the manufacturing engineers… and looking great while doing it!

Lookin Good.jpg
George (left) and Leonard (right). Probably.


Thank you all for your continued support!
-Justin, George, Leonard, and Alex


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