SPUD Update: Production Status and Multi-Screen Demo

August 09, 2018

Hello SPUD Supporters!

This update will be a short one, for a couple of reasons:

  • The current lens manufacturer continues to run tests to determine if diamond turning or injection molding is the best path forward. They have a large incentive to do injection molding since it is lower cost and faster.
  • We will receive samples of the new optics design in the next 10 days. We expect this design to do a better job accommodating the most shifted projector beams, and we are eager to test and confirm the performance.

In other words, in the next few weeks we expect to have a lot of new information to share, so we are planning to send out a more in-depth update on the lens at that time. Until then, here is the latest on the Mass Production (MP) build status:

  • All MP shroud sewing is complete except the sewing of screen to shroud.
  • We determined that the screen issue mentioned in last update was caused by some incorrectly prepared source material. With that issue solved, we are again moving forward with final samples in preparation for MP.
  • The MP arm design has been significantly upgraded, and we have confirmed that the upgraded arms survive multiple drop tests with SPUD popped-up.
  • Cover MP is expected to be complete next week (week of August 13th).
  • We paid the deposit for the MP order of 2000 units with our contract manufacturer, and they have started preparing the build.

Note on Schedule: While we are getting as much as possible prepared for MP, our final schedule is still driven by the lens issue and its pending solution. We will update the target release date once we have more certainty in our path to resolution. The lens issue has been and will continue to be our main point of focus until it is resolved!

Finally, since everyone loves the SPUD demos, check out the multiple-SPUD-extended-desktop setup below:

See a laptop display extended across two SPUDs to create a giant workspace!

Thank you all for your continued support, and keep an eye out for our next update coming soon!
- Justin, George, Leonard, Alex


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