SPUD Update: We shipped batch #2!

May 31, 2019

Hello SPUD Supporters!

We have officially shipped out batch #2 SPUDs! This update will give a quick overview of the progress we’ve made over the last few weeks and our expectations moving forward.

The Production Build

While our lens supplier continues to be the main production bottleneck (by not producing the lens assemblies we need fast enough), this batch required significantly more manual labor to assemble the SPUDs, specifically for the projector/lens matching and calibration process. SPUD’s tight design requirements mean that not every lens produced will pair well with every projector, so some trial and error is required to optimize each pairing. For this batch, George, Leonard, and Alex were forced to spend far too much time correcting many of the already-built SPUD assemblies! Clearly this is a very different kind of product with unique assembly challenges. We’re hoping to see some major labor improvements for the next batch as we increase the focus on training.

Given the longer-than-expected assembly time, we decided to ship out batch #2 as soon as we reached 200 SPUD units assembled, and then to immediately continue assembling for batch #3 (which is now already in work). Ideally we will be able to consistently ship out SPUD batches as we continue pushing through assembly.

Future Production Batches

Our focus continues to be on increasing production speed and/or quantity, so we’re working on ways to increase the final assembly throughput, including sending our new manufacturing engineer / consultant up to speed and working at the lens factory every day! Our upcoming batches still very much depend on how consistently that lens supplier can produce high quality lens assemblies, and we are doing everything we can to keep them on track.

Bottom line: Moving forward we plan to ship out the remaining SPUDs as fast as we can build them!

Arovia Pics!

Boxes full of SPUD components, ready for production.

George and Leonard setting up their calibration workstation.

The finished workstation setup.

Inside the workstation setup.

Once final assembly starts, the SPUDs begin to take over.

Getting ready to pack and ship!

Demo Video

We often get the question, "Can you remove the screen and project directly onto a wall?" We didn't design SPUD with that use case in mind, BUT, the hardware can do it (with a bit of software processing to reverse the image). This "unofficial" use case probably isn't for everyone, but we thought it would be fun to show it in action:
Note: For the curious, we used UltraMon in Windows 10 to flip the image, but there are many other options out there.

As always, we will continue to post updates as we have new information about batch #3 and beyond. Thank you all for making SPUD possible!
- Justin, George, Leonard, Alex


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