About Us

SPUD is a whole new type of product: the first collapsible display! To bring SPUD to life, our team has a diverse range of expertise across product development, optical engineering (telescope, lasers, projectors!), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and manufacturing.


Alexander Wesley

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander invented SPUD after years of traveling the world as a product manager in optical engineering and despising his small laptop screen. He has Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Optical Engineering and an MBA from Rice University. Alexander strongly believes that you should have the freedom to work and play wherever you want!


George Zhu

Co-Founder & CTO

George is a mechanical engineering wizard from the manufacturing capital of the world: Shenzhen, China. He brought Alexander's vision of SPUD to life through hundreds of rapid design and prototype iterations, resulting in the easy-to-use "ruggedized umbrella" design. George is a Rice University educated Mechanical Engineer, and the lead inventor of SPUD.


Justin Mintzer

Co-Founder & CMO

Justin leads the marketing efforts and customer interaction. He has a Rice University MEE degree with a 10-year background in the tech industry, extensive experience as a customer advocate, and a Rice University MBA degree with a marketing specialization. He loves connecting with customers and ensuring that at Arovia, customers have a strong voice in the decision making process.


Leonard Wong

Supply Chain Manager

Leonard has over 30 years of supply chain management experience beginning in the floppy disk industry, through single-use cameras, and, most recently, in LED lighting. He has extensive experience conducting business in China and Hong Kong.


Mark Kimbrough

Industrial Design Lead

Mark created the original SPUD industrial design concept. He holds over 20 design and utility patents, has received 15+ international design awards, and his work has been published in numerous national and international magazines. He has had 6 products added to the permanent design collection at the Chicago Museum of Design and Architecture.


Julie Bentley

Optical Design Lead

Julie designed the space-saving custom optics at the core of SPUD. She is currently a Professor at the University of Rochester, and a world-renowned optical systems designer with substantial industry experience.


Carlyle Yarbough

Industrial Designer

Joni Mici

Chassis Prototype Creator

Leyla Akhverdiyeva

Cover Prototype Creator

David Janowitz

Shroud Prototype Creator