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Backer/Order Number to Approximate SPUD Order

We try to ship out the SPUD pre-orders in the order that they were received, and that approximately follows the list below. You can find your backer number (or order number) on the original confirmation email you received when you pre-ordered your SPUD!

Platform Backer Number Approximate Shipping Order
Kickstarter 1-300 1st-250th
Kickstarter 300-600 250th-375th
Kickstarter 600-900 375th-525th
Kickstarter 900-1200 525th-675th
Kickstarter 1200-1500 675th-850th
Kickstarter 1500-1800 850th-1050th
Kickstarter 1800-2100 1050th-1250th
Kickstarter 2100-2400 1250th-1425th
Indiegogo or arovia.io 1-300 or 5xxx 1425th-1750th
arovia.com A1xxx 1750th-2000th

Note: While this order generally holds, we may at our discretion change the order for a number of reasons, including missing shipping information, being unable to confirm shipping address, batching specific orders for logistics purposes (sending one group to a specific country, for example), etc.