What is your return policy/warranty?

Our most important goal is that you are happy with your SPUD. To that end, we will have a 1 year limited warranty for your SPUD.

Why did you choose 720p resolution?

We chose 1280 x 720 resolution to provide a balance between cost and performance. With higher resolution, the price of SPUD would have significantly increased and the SPUD chassis would have to be 20% larger. With lower resolution, higher resolution images, like spreadsheets, could have been difficult to read.

We can reassure our backers that one can read small text without problems. Here are some pictures we took of our Kickstarter prototype. The pictures were limited by the resolution of our camera, but if one compares the SPUD to the Dell laptop in the picture, one could see that SPUD has the same text clarity as the normal laptop screen.

To compare, most other portable projectors on the market today have a native resolution of only 854 x 480 or lower! To provide a better picture of the current projection technology and legibility of small text. Here is one of the best selling projectors on Amazon with really high rating: https://www.amazon.com/S1-200-lumen-support-Short-Throw-LED-Projector/dp/B00I3UTUNW. The projector is advertised as 1080p, but looking at the second bullet point, it actually only has a 854x480 native resolution, while SPUD is 1280x720. However in the customer reviews, no one complained about any legibility/resolution issues.

We understand that some applications like graphical design may require a high resolution screen, but we want to reassure you that SPUD will be able to display a clear image good enough for everyday entertainment and work. We will never deliver a low quality product to our backers, because we understand that your user experience will determine the long term success of our project.

Can I use SPUD in direct sunlight?

We do not suggest using SPUD in direct sunlight (picture a TV with the sun shining on the screen). That being said, SPUD works great on a nice shaded patio!

How long will the projector bulb last?

SPUD does not use a lightbulb/lamp in its projection system. The system uses three R/G/B LEDs as the light source. LEDs have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, meaning you could use SPUD for 10 hours a day for well over 10 years before you even had to think about the LED lifespan!

Will the screen wrinkle or crease when folded?

We developed (and patented!) the first type of projection screen that significantly mitigates wrinkles when collapsed. Combined with the tension applied by the arms, this ensures a flat screen surface that does not interfere with the image!

Does SPUD come in other sizes?

Not yet, we chose 24-inch due to the versatility in everyday use cases: it's great for both entertainment and productivity. In the future, we would love to offer larger display sizes.

How is SPUD better/different than every other portable projector?

Every other portable project requires perfect lighting and a perfect wall, meaning you cannot use it anywhere, like SPUD. Additionally, they typically have lower brightness, lower resolution (often projector companies mislead that they have high resolution, that is actually upscaling; usually the native resolution is 858 x 480 or lower), and require a much larger projection distance than SPUD. Typical portable projectors usually have relatively short battery life as well. We think you should be able to have a larger screen experience wherever you want whenever you want to have it -- and that's what SPUD gives you!

What is the response time/latency/delay of SPUD?

We measured SPUD's response time as less than 1 millisecond by taking a picture simultaneously on the SPUD prototype and a laptop (with a timer duplicated on both screens). SPUD was connected via HDMI for the test. With a wireless adapter (i.e. Chromecast), response time will be bottlenecked by the latency of the wireless adapter. In short, SPUD is good enough for all applications including gaming response-wise!

How can I connect SPUD to my Windows Laptop?

You can connect through HDMI (if your device does not have a HDMI port, you may need an adapter), connect a miracast wireless adapter like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, or use the Chrome Web Browser to connect wirelessly via Chromecast.

How can I connect SPUD to my Android phone or tablet?

You can connect wirelessly through a Miracast wireless adapter like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, or via Chromecast, Roku Stick, Fire TV Stick, or wired through MHL to HDMI adapter (be sure to confirm that your device can output HDMI).

How can I connect SPUD to my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?

You can connect via HDMI with the Lightning Digital AV Adapter or wirelessly via Chromecast, Roku Stick, or Fire TV Stick.

How can I connect SPUD to my Macbook?

You can connect through HDMI (if your device does not have a HDMI port, you may need an adapter) or use the Chrome Web Browser to connect wirelessly via Chromecast.

How can I get sound on my SPUD?

SPUD has built-in stereo speakers! You can either use the built-in speakers, or you could plug headphones or external speakers into your mobile device that is connected to SPUD (e.g. phone, tablet, or laptop).