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Splay - The Ultimate Portable Display Projector
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Splay: Your Personal Cinema and Productivity Tool

What is Splay?

The Splay 2-in-1 Portable Display Projector is engineered for both professional and personal use, combining a high-quality portable monitor with an advanced ultra-short-throw projector. It's perfect for military fieldwork, tech enthusiasts, and visually impaired users.

Key Features:

  • "The Ultimate 2-in-1 Expandable Display & Ultra-Short-Throw Projector"
  • "Wrinkle-Free, Flexible, High Contrast Screen Technology"
  • "Connects to any device with an HDMI port"
  • "Full HD resolution for sharp, clear visuals"
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Awards & Recognition:

• R&D 100 Award Winner for Screen Technology
• CES 2024 Innovation Award for Display Nanomaterial
• Funded over $1 million on Kickstarter

Splay Awards and Recognition


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