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Do you have a tutorial video?

Yes, please see here!:

Do you have a manual?

Yes, you can download it here!:

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What makes the Splay projection material special?

Through years of R&D, our patent granted Splay material science technology is the only display (projection or otherwise) that can fully fold without permanent wrinkles. We have also received patents for the only one-step (and extremely durable) expand and collapse display. You can check out some of our granted U.S. patents here.

Will the screen wrinkle or crease when folded?

We developed (and patented!) the first type of projection screen that significantly mitigates wrinkles when collapsed. Combined with the tension applied by the arms, this ensures a flat screen surface that does not interfere with the image!


How do I connect to Splay?

You can easily connect your phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, and more to Splay via HDMI or wireless adapters such as Chromecast or a Roku stick. These devices enhance your Splay's functionality by turning it into a portable smart TV, enabling you to stream your favorite shows, movies, and more directly onto your Splay, no matter where you are.

If your device does not output HDMI, adapters are readily available to bridge the gap. For instance, the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter is perfect for iPhone users. Android Phones, the latest iPhones, and recent models of MacBooks and iPad Pro can utilize a USB-C to HDMI adapter, which is included in your Splay box. Moving forward, each box will also include a tripod and USB-C to HDMI adapter to further enhance your viewing experience.

Utilizing a Roku stick or Chromecast with your Splay not only makes it function like a smart TV but also adds a layer of convenience by allowing you to carry a versatile entertainment system with you, whether you're setting up for a presentation or unwinding at a campsite. These small, powerful devices are perfect for turning any space into a theatre-like environment or an interactive display setup, ensuring you have access to all your content on the go.

What should I do if the lights on my Splay aren't showing when it's charging?

If you don't see the charging lights immediately when you plug in your Splay, don't worry—this can sometimes happen. Please allow at least 10 minutes for the device to charge before the indicator lights appear. This delay ensures the device has enough power to activate the display lights. If the lights still do not appear after this time, or if you have any other concerns, please reach out to us at founders@arovia.com. We're here to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Can I use Splay outside?

We only recommend using Splay outside in shaded areas and/or close to dusk/dawn and at night. Splay works great in most indoor environments! Like all projectors, you just want to avoid direct light, like direct sunlight and very direct bright lights.

What can I do if I want to change the display angle?

There’s a kickstand at the back of Splay that you can use to adjust the angle.

Can I use a powerbank to charge Splay?

Yes, you can use a powerbank. Just make sure it supports 15 V PD like this one.

Can I use Splay in portrait mode?

Yes, Splay can be used in portrait mode. Windows and Mac have ways to adjust orientation to portrait. With iOS and Android, you need to use 3rd party dongles.

How does projector mode work?

You can easily (less than 1 minute) remove our patented display technology and, with the press of a button, flip the image and project on a wall. Projector mode also features vertical auto-keystone correction, so if the projector is tilted, it will automatically flatten the image on the wall. When you need to use Splay in display mode, it is just as easy to put the display back.

How can I make my Splay louder?

If you want to enhance the volume on your Splay, try the following steps:

1. Adjust the Pre-Amp in VLC (Android):
Open VLC on your Android device. Navigate to the audio settings and increase the pre-amp level to +12 dB. This can help boost the audio output.

2. Use Volume Booster Apps:
For iOS devices, consider using apps like "Volume Booster: Equalizer FX" available on the App Store. These apps can amplify the sound output of your device.

3. Check Volume Limit Settings (iOS):
Ensure that your device's volume limit is set to the maximum. On an iPad, go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit and adjust the limit if it's set too low.

4. Test Different Input Devices:
Different input devices can have varying pre-amp levels. Try using multiple devices to see which one provides the best audio performance without risking speaker damage.

By following these steps, you can optimize the audio output of your Splay and enjoy a louder, clearer sound experience.


How much bigger is Splay’s display than other portable display solutions?

Splay’s display is 3 times bigger than most laptop, USB monitor, and tablet displays. You can see a reference comparison here and a tabular comparison of 16:9 aspect ratio screens here.

How is Splay better than our first product, SPUD?

Splay is a MASSIVE upgrade: higher resolution, significantly increased brightness, lighter weight, re-imagined industrial design, and a new mode to use as a projector.

How much depth does Splay have in the back?

Here’s Splay compared to Alex’s 15-inch laptop: View Comparison.

What is Splay’s highest brightness?

Splay’s highest brightness in display mode is 800 nits, and in projector mode, it is 260 lumens.

How long does the bulb last?

Splay uses LEDs rated to last 20,000 hours, allowing for extensive use over many years.

Does Splay have auxiliary out, in case you want to use speakers besides the Splay speakers?

No, but there are many options for different audio out on various devices.

What DLP are you using?

We are using Texas Instrument’s DLP230NP DLP® 0.23 1080p DMD. For more details, see the TI product page.

How does Splay’s quality compare to a traditional LCD-based display?

See some unprocessed side by side comparisons with the M1 MacBook Air here.


What should I do if my Splay is not turning on?

1. Make sure Splay is not connected to any charging cable. Please charge for at least 20 minutes before trying to turn on the unit.

2. Take a thin pin like a SIM card pin, and insert it into the tiny circular hole right underneath the type C port. Do it multiple times and durations from one second to 5 seconds, just to make sure you activate the reset.

3. Charge the unit using the original Splay charger, or any type C PD charger that's able to output 15V, such as the MacBook charger. Please charge for at least 20 minutes before trying to turn on the unit.


What is Splay’s warranty?

Splay is covered by a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty, covering defects caused solely by our own manufacturing, workmanship, or assembly process. Damage caused by the user is not covered under this Warranty Policy.

Will Splay support my country’s plug type?

Yes, we will ship with a plug type specific to your shipping address.

If applicable, are VAT and Customs Duty included?

No, VAT and Custom Duty are not included. However, we will make every effort to help you minimize these if applicable. Splay is in a duty-free category in the U.S.

What is our refund policy?

Our refund policy lasts thirty (30) days from date of shipment. Returns are subject to specific conditions and fees, depending on the item's condition and packaging.


What if I have more questions? Please email us at support@arovia.com.