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Low Vision

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Natasha Caudill

Natasha shares her experience with Splay, noting its effectiveness as an accessibility tool that enhances her ability to read and watch content.

Purpose in View

A blind content creator discusses how Splay has changed their approach to workshops and events, ensuring they never miss out on vital information.

The Blind Poet Official

The Blind Poet Official describes Splay as a transformative tool for reading and creativity, highlighting its impact on making poetry accessible.

Blind on the Move

An influencer focuses on Splay's utility in educational settings, particularly for teaching individuals with low vision, due to its portability and ease of use.

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Through the lens of influencers and users within the low vision community, discover the transformative impact of Splay. From enhancing reading capabilities to transforming educational and professional engagements, Splay redefines accessibility.


Explore the features that make Splay a beacon of hope for the visually impaired: expansive display, ultra-portability, and ease of use. Join the movement towards inclusive technology that embraces every vision.